Agfa DX-D100 Digital Mobile Radiology 6-CNFJ-14 12v14Ah                                              


Agfa DX-D100 Mobile

              LEAD ACID BATTERY REPLACEMENT CELL- Lead Crystal 6-CNFJ-14 12V14Ah TI

 Option 1  (When Available)

New Style Battery Lead Crystal 12V14Ah 30 Ea for X-Ray and 8 ea 12V9Ah for Drive Price $2480.00 per set

6-CNFJ-14 12V14Ah30 each 6-CNFJ-14 12V14Ah batteries $2280.00 HBS12-9F2 8 each 12V9Ah F2 batteries $200.00   

Quantity   DX-D-100-1 Price $2480.00


Option 1A  (When Available)

6-CNFJ-14 12V14Ah

30 each 6-CNFJ-14 12V14Ah batteries $2280.00

DX-D-100-1A Price $2280.00


Option 2

      P/N DX-D100-2 Battery Set (8 ea 12V9AhF2 for Drive & 30 ea CSB-EVH-12V15Ah F2 Cells per set)

HBS 12V9Ah F2 HBS12V9AhF2

  DX-D-100-2 Price $1708.00



Option 2A

 DX-D 100-2A @ $1500.00 Per Set , Option 2A just 30 CSB EVH-12V15Ah F2 cells only

CSB EVH-12150 F2   

  DX-D-100-2A Price $1500.00

Option 3




Option 3A

DX-D 100-3A - 30 ea 12V15-RA $1266.00 With Right Angel Adapters. Fits the orginial battery trays without modifications.

12V150Ah RA