Battery Load And Service Tool

Replaces GE, 46-302882G1 Battery Load Fixture for AMX-4's

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                                                                                                   >Unit provides Discharging for AMX-4 Batteries to 113V for Unit Calibration.


>For Testing Batteries in set of 9 or 10 batteries.

> For General Battery Testing under 1200 Watt Load.

>120V 1200 Wattt Load & Discharge Tester

> Built in Circuit board with fan & timer

> Built in DC Meter and DC Ammeter (See Photos)

> Unit has been fully tested and is ready.

> Test Equipment does not come in contact with patients.

                                                                                                                Product Specifications                      

   Part # HBS-BLAST   Model # HBS-1200W  Made in USA      List Price $1500.00   

   Special Sales Price-Over Stock Sale While they last

     Price $1200.00

 Orders are now being taken.       

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