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                               Fuji Go-DR Mobile   (Fuji Digital Radiography)


         REPLACEMENT CELLS ONLY 20 each 12V9Ah F2 batteries P/N Fuji-Go DR-9Ah $527.00

12V9Ah F2-20 $527.00


Fuji Go-DR Mobile     

  • PN  Fuji-Go DR-EX (HBS battery 20 Cells in 4 Trays used in system 12V 9Ah F2 terminals (Exchange only)  When Available  $725.00
  • Fuji-Go DR

    Exchange 4 Trays with 20 12V9Ah F2 batteries $725.00

    Outright Sale-4 Trays with 20 12V9Ah F2 batteries $955.00