RadPro-4 Flex Portable Digital Radiology-6-CNFJ-14 Lead Crystal Batteries


Rad Pro-4 Flex Portable Digital Radiology 


              LEAD ACID BATTERY REPLACEMENT CELL (6-CNFJ-14 Lead Crystal Batteries)


  P/N RadPro-4   30 ea 12V14Ah Battery Set (30 for Generator)

  6-CNFJ-1412V14Ah TI Lead Crystal Battery

Quantity Set of 30 12V14Ah =$2257.00


12V14Ah 30  Total Price  $2257.00 Per set    Or order individual cells as needed   Go to Sealed Lead Acid Battery Page

Option 4A Set of 30 Lead Crystal 12V14Ah TI with 8 ea 12V 9Ah F2 Drive Batteries P/N RadPro-4A $2457.00



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