GE-AMX-4 or AMX4-PLUS, AMX4-DR and AMX-700

                              AMX-4        AMX-4+      AMX-4DR    AMX-700

                                      AMX-4                AMX-4+                   AMX-4DR    AMX-700

                          LEAD ACID BATTERY KIT WITH 12V35Ah Batteries

                                  Price $ 1495.00 Per Set        


NEW AMX-4DR 12V35Ah Battery system, for AMX-700 / AMX-4 Units with DR  or just to increase your Capacity.Part Number AMX4DR consist of 3 battery packs (9 12V 35Ah Cells) , New wiring kit, battery sensor kit to read individual batteries voltages outside of the battery compartment, Pre-Assembled in trays and InstallationManual.


Interface Board Rev B Interface Board Rev B

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