PICKER TECMOBILE


                          LEAD ACID BATTERY KITS

              1.) 18 Amp Hour System   PTM144-18A              

     For Picker Techmobile  System Kit Part Number PTM144-18A            Part Number PTM144-18A consist of 3 battery packs (12 Universal 12V18Ah Cells), new 165 Volt Constant Voltage Regulator Board, New wiring kit, Pre-Assembled and Installation Manual. $1380.00 per set

Quantity     PTM144-18A $1380.00 Per Set


      For Replacement Battery Packs ONLY: $ 744 per set Part Number PTM144-18R 

Quantity   PTM144-18R $744 per set

For Replacemrnt Cells Only $ 594.00 Per Set # PTM144-18C

Quantity PTM144-18C $594.00 Per Set


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