UROVIEW 2000-Rev B

             Totally NEW System in Trays with Sensor Terminals to read individual Cells. Makes replacing individual Cells simple and easy.

Replaces GE, OEC 00-871823-01

Uroview 2600                                           

                          LEAD ACID BATTERY KITS

              1.) 12 Amp Hour System                 

Uroview 2000                Uroview 2000-Rev B in Trays                                                    

Old Style Uroview Taped                New Style Uroview in Trays                                                                                         


  For UROVIEW 2000 Part Number UV-2000-B          NEW Available Now  Sytem in Trays, Makes replacing individual cells simple and easy. Part Number UV-2000 consist of 4 Trays(3 @ 10 cells 12V12Ah and 1 Block @ 2Cells 12V12Ah ) for Total of 32 Cells, 384.0 Volts, New wiring kit, Pre-Assembled with sensor cables and terminal strip to read individual cells. (HBS12 Volt 12Ah cells) $1500 Per set  



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